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Arthur Carl Kanev: Haiti Missions

Arthur Carl Kanev - How to Become a Great Fisherman

Fishing is a great way to relax after a long week. Arthur Carl Kanev is an avid fisherman who has fished all over the world. He loves being on the water and learning about new fishing spots. Fishing is a challenging sport that requires patience, concentration, and skill. If you dream of becoming an expert fisherman, there are a few steps you should follow.

The first step is to learn about the different styles of fishing. Deep sea fishing, river fishing, fly fishing, and the other many styles of fishing all require a different set of skills. Take the time to decide which style of fishing you want to excel at. Once you have decided, you will need to learn the basics such as what type fish you will be fishing for and which seasons are the best for the style of fishing you chose.

Your next step is to gather your equipment. Different fish respond to different types of lures. It is important to consider what you are fishing for and where you are fishing. Fly fishing often requires a different of lure than river fishing and soon. Learn about what type of equipment suites your style of fishing the best.

Your final step is to practice. Expert fisherman are experienced. Spend as much time as you are able out on the water. The more you fish, the better you will get. Arthur Carl Kanev has fished all over the world. He loves picking up his rod and spending some time fishing.


Arthur Carl Kanev is someone who is has always loved to give back to others. He has committed a significant portion of his life to helping those in impoverished or developing nations. And with his experience as a dentist, he has the medical background which has made him a crucial part of the relief efforts in many disaster-stricken areas. In the late 1980’s he traveled to Haiti to help educate the Hatian people and to provide them with proper medical care.


Arthur Carl Kanev’s first contribution to the country was when he designed and built the J.B. Dammier Technical School in Port Au Prince in 1986. The school helped advance the knowledge and technical education of the Hatian people who could then contribute to the country’s economy and support their families. Thanks to the quality instruction people were getting at the school, the populous of educated individuals in the area grew and therefore helped promote self-sustainability for future generations.


The following year, Arthur Carl Kanev designed a 200 bed hospital that was to be built in Port Au Prince. The hospital served as a crucial development in the health infrastructure of the country, enabling hundreds of people to receive proper medical treatment in the country’s capital city. His contributions to the country have helped save lives for generations to come, which is why he finds such an endeavor to be so enriching. Now working as a missionary, he has made several similar contributions to countries all over the globe and been a pivotal team member of many humanitarian efforts.


Arthur Carl Kanev - 3 Types of Structures that Are Vital to Developing Countries

Developing countries often lack resources and there are areas that suffer from poverty. Arthur Carl Kanev is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Pompano Beach’s mission committee. He works with the members of his church to organize mission trips and to help developing countries. He has worked in several different countries. He has designed and helped build several different structures that were essential to the development of these communities. Many communities in developing countries are lacking important buildings such as medical clinics, hospitals, and schools. These buildings are an important step in helping these communities improve their standard of living.

Arthur Carl Kanev has visited 87 different countries around the world.

Medical clinics are extremely important facilities. There are many countries that are lucky enough to have medical facilities in every city, however, there are other countries that are severely lacking in this respect. Medical clinics can include dentistry clinics as well as health clinics. These facilities can provide people with important lifesaving services. Medical professionals in these clinics can perform checkups, screenings, vaccinations, and other simple medical procedures. These buildings, along with trained professionals, can help improve the health and standard of living in a variety of developing communities.

Hospitals are also essential facilities. There are several countries around the world that do not have enough hospitals for their residents. These people often do not have access to vital lifesaving treatments or emergency care. A hospital that has several beds can be a major asset to developing countries. It could provide medical professionals with the resources, supplies, and space they need to help save the lives to hundreds of people. Many doctors travel to developing countries in order to treat people and educate about sanitation and heath conditions. These professionals could use hospitals to help these communities by combating illnesses and diseases.

Many developing countries lack educational facilities and schools. These countries often do not have the resources to build schools and hire teachers. Many missionaries and volunteer workers travel to these countries in order to provide education for adults as well as children. School buildings could help facilitate this process. If students have a place to learn, they might be able to earn and education and then make a better life for themselves and their family members. These facilities can also encourage children in these countries to go to school and to learn. School buildings are an essential part of any community. If you are planning a mission trip, you should seriously consider working to improve the education of the community you are working in.

Many missionaries help communities build structures and buildings that are necessary for the development of these countries. Arthur Carl Kanev has gone on several mission trips throughout the years and has helped design and build a wide array of structures.